"I don’t understand you when you talk like that"

You know what the worst part of this is?

Does Kristoff Look even the slightest bit confused? The slightest bit troubled? If Kristoff didn’t understand Sven, wouldn’t he at least try?

Kristoff does understand what Sven was saying. There was not a time in the entire movie where he does not understand him. They are best friends. They have some sort of telepathic thing going on.

Also, you know who gives Sven a mind? A voice? Kristoff. He’s the one who voices Sven. So basically here he’s saying that he doesn’t understand what himself is thinking.

Because he knows that in his heart, he wants to be with Anna, but dismisses it as fast as he can because he knows will never have a chance.

I kinda always equated sven and kristoff with Chewie and Han. We as the audience have no idea what Chewie is saying, but Han makes it clear for us. Plus, Han’s doesn’t think he has a chance with the Princess (Leia) either.